Shadowhawk Flashlights – Tactical Series Review

As the popularity of disaster preparedness products, it can be more and more difficult to find items that really do everything they advertise. And, if the hundreds of deaths due to natural disasters are any indication, having this technology working properly is often life or death.

The Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is an LED, military-grade tactical flashlight that is ideal for those preparing for survival or emergency situations. It’s advertised as being the simple solution for those looking to replace their regular flashlights with something more powerful that can also serve as a weapon for self-defense.

What is the Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight?

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The Shadowhawk is a small, hand-sized flashlight that is used by survival preppers, the police, and everyday people trying to stay safe and protect their homes. It can serve as a regular, high-powered flashlight or as a spotlight. It’s integrated with state-of-the-art technology and made of durable, strong metals.

So, what sets Shadowhawk apart from all its competitors?

The Lightbulb

It’s made with an 800 Lumen XPE Lightning-Class Performance lightbulb. This lightbulb is one of the most powerful and bright lightbulbs available for purchase today. The XPE lightbulb can turn even the darkest nights into well-lit, safe zones.

The Metal

As mentioned above, the Shadowhawk is made of extremely durable and strong metals. Aluminum comes in many strengths, but the Shadowhawk is made of military-grade aluminum. This means it can be dropped, thrown, stepped on, and rolled over without breaking.

The Manufacturers

In the United States, manufacturers are held to a higher standard than those overseas. This is one of the reasons Shadowhawk uses American manufacturers. Not only does this provide job to citizens, it also keeps the quality of the flashlight superior.

The Users

It is one thing to say that a flashlight is military-grade, but it’s a completely different thing to say the military actually uses it. Before Shadowhawk came on the market for anyone to purchase, it was the go-to flashlight for the military. Not only does Shadowhawk have that prestigious endorsement, it’s also the most frequently used flashlight for police to carry on their belts during tours.

The Price

In an effort to provide as many Americans with the safety and utility having a Shadowhawk flashlight offers, the company aims to keep prices low and affordable. Now, more people than ever can feel safe in their everyday lives and at home.

The Customer Service

Shadowhawk Company keeps its customer service based in California, where the flashlights are manufactured. This means they’re also available to answer any questions and to provide information on any of the Shadowhawk products.

The Shadowhawk Specs

x800 tactical flashlight specs
For those wanting to get a more detailed understanding of the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight, the specs below give a thorough overview.


The Shadowhawk comes with 2000x zoom, which means the light beam can become telescopic. It allows users to light a wide area, for when their searching, or it can be made to focus on a smaller area, for more discrete movements.


The 800 Lumen XPE CREE Lightbulb doesn’t just let off a bright, clear light, it is also encased. This allows the flashlight to be used in water as deep as 6 feet.

Battery Life

This flashlight includes 3 AAA batteries, which are also rechargeable for when the need arrives. In emergencies, regular lightbulb life just won’t do. This is why the Shadowhawk provides 100,000 hours of lamp life, when set at medium.


The Shadowhawk comes with five distinct settings. It comes with the usual low, medium, high settings, but also includes a strobe and SOS function for emergencies.


Because the Shadowhawk is made of military-grade aluminum, it isn’t just durable and strong, it also makes a compact weapon. For those who need the flashlight for self-defense, the flashlight comes with a beveled edge that provides a perfect weapon in case of emergency.

Shadowhawk Flashlight Uses

Many people who aren’t aware of Shadowhawk flashlights many uses might think that it’s only purpose is for seeing things in the dark. However, the Shadowhawk has a much more diverse range of uses. It can be used:

During Breakdowns

Nothing is scarier than being stuck on the side of a road, in the dark, with a broken down car. Instead of trying to thrash about in the dark, having the compact and bright Shadowhawk flashlight won’t only provide enough light to hopefully get the car working again, but it will also alert other motorists that there is someone on the side of the road.

During Break-Ins

No one likes to think of their homes being violated, but it’s a reality that many have to face every day. One of the most effective tools for scaring off a burglar and getting them out of a house is a bright light, which is why so many houses are equipped with motion activated spotlights. Having the Shadowhawk is like having an indoor spotlight, which is often enough to scare any prowlers and send them on their way.

During Fires

Fires are dangerous to begin with, but when they occur at night, they can cause huge amounts of destruction before anyone even wakes up. Stumbling around in a dark, smoky house is dangerous and time consuming. Having the Shadowhawk won’t only help people find what they need, it can also alert other family members of where to find each other.

Natural Disasters

Whether it is earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, or blizzards, having a durable, bright flashlight can often save lives. Family members will be able to locate each other, find what they need, and clear out with the light provided by Shadowhawk flashlights. And, if it comes to it, the SOS function on the flashlight can be used to alert rescuers of a family’s location.


Because of the Shadowhawks small size and comfortable grip, it is the perfect handheld weapon for those who need something for self-defense. It can be kept in a purse, pocket, or even strapped on to a belt loop.

Purchasing a Shadowhawk Flashlight

At the moment, the Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight X800 can only be purchased on the Shadowhawk website, One flashlight usually sells for $89.99, plus shipping.

Currently, there’s a sale on the website that offers 8 different discount packages.

1 Flashlight – $56.00 plus Free Shipping

2 Flashlights- $48.50 each (15% discount)

3 Flashlights – $44.66 each (22% discount)

4 Flashlights – $42.25 each (25% discount)

5 Flashlights – $39.20 each (30% discount)

10 Flashlights – $35.00 each (38% discount)

15 Flashlights – $35.00 each (38% discount)

20 Flashlights – $35.00 each (38% discount)

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